Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Calangute Beach Goa

Goa city

Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches and the wonderful parties. Being the smallest state of India, it has developed very fast as its main economy is depend upon the tourism.

Calangute beach is very well-known beach of Goa. It is famous as “Queen of the Beaches”; it is a gem of the north Goa. The capital of Goa is just 15 km away from this beach. It is the largest beach of Northern region, it is said to be the exact replica of the described Goan beach. Due to this its popularity is beyond compare. Tourists from the Western countries find Calangute beach an ultimate place to spend a great holiday, it is a splendid experience.

Most appropriate time to visit this beach is during Christmas and New Year eves. As it is the peak time and everybody is in festive mood.  You will encounter tourist from different age groups during summers. They spend holiday here getting sunbathing, enjoying cool sea breezes with their family and friends.
The wonderful and lively nightlife of this place makes your trip more enjoyable and interesting. So visitors from different parts of the world like to visit Calangute beach. Generally they party hard and the party goes on through whole night.

Due to so much popularity many good hotels are located near this beach itself. So accommodation is not a problem. Just during peak season it is hard to get a hotel of your choice. As they are already book well in advance.

You don’t have worry about food also as there are many food stalls near Calangute beach, which serves tasty and reasonable rate. You can taste several unique items like different types of homemade delicacy and small trinkets, which are available in the market. There is no shortage of local and continental dishes here, the local seafood specially fish curry and fried prawns. 

 It also offers a great shopping experience within the budget. This beach offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy a memorable time with your family and friends. 


  1. Very nice blog post. Calangute is one the most popular beach in North Goa and is always filled with tourists and travellers. When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of hotels in Calangute available within reasonable prices.