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Pune Hotels

Pune is also known to be the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra. It represents the Marathi culture, which lays emphasis on which education, arts and crafts, music, theatre, etc. Pune culture reflects a blend of traditions with modernity. On one side, you have classical shows being performed in the city, on the other, the city boasts of an amazing nightlife in the same city.

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The local cuisines of Pune retain the typical taste of coconut and garlic. At the same time, a large amount of green chilies are used, making the dishes quite spicy. The main course in the traditional food of Poona comprises of a number of food items made up of jowar and bajra.
Common Languages
The most common language of Pune, spoken by majority of the population, is Marathi. Infact, Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra state. Apart from Marathi, Hindi is also one of the languages used commonly in Pune and is used widely throughout the city.
The city of Pune has acquired a cosmopolitan identity. People belonging to different castes, religions, creeds and economic backgrounds can be found here. With the setting up of professional institutions and software companies in Pune, the city has assumed a multi-ethnic personality.
A number of religions are followed in the city of Pune. As more and more people are shifting to Pune, either to study or to work, the religious identity of the city is undergoing a major change. People belonging to different religious backgrounds are living in the city, making it an assortment of sorts.

Best places to visit around Pune:

Perhaps the most famous place around Pune! Lonavala is around 80 kms from Pune and is worth a visit. The curvy ride to the top of the hill is beautiful and the fun of having tea and bhajiya at the lion’s point in extreme mist is pure bliss. Bhushi dam is another attraction, you gotta walk bare feet in the water for some time before reaching the fall. If you go to Lonavala be sure to have some amazing chikkis. Khandala is close by, so you might want to cover that also.

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Just 62 kms from Pune is India’s first planned hill station Lavasa – A must place to visit around Pune. Lavasa is known for the awesome weather and scenic beauty. Lavasa city is surrounded by 7 hills is bound to be beautiful. There are lot of activities to be done around Lavasa – Bowling, water sports are the ones which are most common . What truly makes Lavasa a must place to visit, is the beautiful 40 kms ride after you leave pune city behind.  The best time to visit Lavasa is during Monsoons!

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To experience the above beautiful sites you can reach Pune which is the nearest city by flight. Pune city has its own airport to welcome the tourist who visit the city. Pune airport is well connected to all the main cities of India.

Pune is also a best tourist destination of the state. The city has historical monuments, museums and more famous are its hill stations. Tourists from all over the world visit the city to share rare moments filled with curiosity and anxiety. To enjoy the city you can select good accommodation to stay from many Hotels in Pune are available.


Mumbai City Details

Mumbai is called the financial capital of India and it has such a perfect mix of culture, history and modernity that can make any visitor go wild about it ! It is not amongst the most beautiful cities of India. It is not even a place where life is clam and relaxed, yet Mumbai attracts many people like no other city of India.  Mumbai is both the commercial and entertainment hub of India.  It is the dream city to which people come from all parts of the country to fulfill their dreams of becoming ‘successful, famous and rich’.

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Since Mumbai is a busy cosmopolitan city, it has also many temples such as Mahalkashmi Temple for Lakhmi (goddess of wealth), Babulnath temple for Lord Shiva, Siddhivinayak Temple and the Jain Temple. You could see the religious as well as modern side of Mumbai.  Some good and comfortable hotels are also available to stay.

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Information about hotels near some of the above temples are given below : 
  • Mumbai Hotels near Mahalaxmi Temple
  • Mumbai Hotels near Siddhivinayak Temple
You can also visit Juhu and chowpatty beaches. Juhu beach was all lighted up and glittered beautifully in the evening. The surrounding was vibrant - the food-stalls were full, the vendors were going around showcasing their items. You can had such a good time savoring the local, Mumbai flavors such as  Wada Pao (also known as Indian Burger) and Pao Bhaji. The most important promenades in Mumbai is : Marine Drive, Bandra Bandstand and Worli Sea Face. You can had excellent views of the sea. The view of Marine Drive, right from Nariman Point to Malabar Hill is worth seeing from the Marine Drive Flyover.  However if you want to have a skyline view of South Mumbai then you can head to Hanging Gardens, another sight that you can fully enjoy. You can select hotels nearby to stay and enjoy the beautiful sea. Mumbai Hotels near Juhu Beach Chowpatty are available.

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Places to see:

Gateway of India
This tourist spot was build by British rulers to welcome their King and Queen! And it still stands ever ready to welcome every wind that lashes her stony face and lets them onto the welcoming laps of the Loving City. It is a very famous landmark which describe Mumbai city. Mumbai Hotels near Gateway of India is available to stay comfortably.

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Haji Ali Dargah
One of the monumental structures of Mumbai, it is a great symbol of religious tolerance. It covers 500 yards area. It stands isolated, from the reach of the Mumbai city and yet very much a part of her. It stands ancient and divine like an solid foundation that even the mighty sea may not touch. It is the blazing white house of god, the Haji Ali Dargah. People of every religion flock the dargah, Hindus and Muslims, the rich and famous as well as the common folk. Mumbai Hotels near Haji Ali are available for better staying.

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Mumbai Airport
Mumbai has its own International and Domestic Airport which are Chatrapathi Shivaji International Airport and second one is Santa-Cruz Domestic Airport. The Chatrapathi Shivaji International Airport serves as one of the major international airports in India. It is also the busiest, currently handling up to 45 landings and takeoffs per hour.  Mumbai Hotels near International Airport and Mumbai Hotels near Domestic Airport are available.

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Delhi Airport and Hotels Information

Delhi is the capital city of India. You can say that it is the most well established city with all the idle facilities to which is required to become the capital of the country. It also has a rich and glorious history. Delhi is believed to the site of Indraprastha, the beautiful capital of Pandavas during the times of Mahabharata as per Indian mythology. 

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Places to see in Delhi:
Qutub Minar
One of the most famous and beautiful historical monuments of India is Qutub Minar. It also comes in the list of seven wonder of the world. It is the most popular tourist attraction and widely associated with Delhi city. A visit to Delhi is incomplete without a visit to Qutub Minar.

Red Fort 
It is also one of the best places to visit in Delhi. It used to serve as the residence of Mughal emperors. It was build in the year 1648 by Mughal emperors Shah Jahan. Red Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts people from all over the world. Republic day and Independence day are celebrated in Red Fort every year.  

Jama Masjid 
Jama Masjid is the best examples of Mughal architecture. It is the most creative and the largest mosque of India. Its grandness can be understood from the fact that 25,000 people can pray together at this sacred place of Muslims.

India Gate
It is another famous landmark that was built in the year 1931. It was earlier known as the All India War Memorial and built to commemorate the life of 90,000 Indian soldiers that laid down their life during world war I in the British rule. It is situated in Rajpath in Delhi

To see the above beautiful places above you can reach there by air which is the fastest means of transportation to Delhi city. Delhi has it own International and Domestic airport which are connected to all the major cities of India and all around the world. Delhi Hotels near International Airport and Delhi Hotels near Domestic Airport are also available.
Some information about domestic flights from different cities towards Delhi are given below:
  • Cheapest Kolkata Delhi Flights (Domestic flight).
  • Cheapest Bangalore Delhi Flights (Domestic flight).
  • Cheapest Mumbai Delhi Flights (Domestic flight).
  • Cheapest Nagpur Delhi Flights (Domestic flight). 
As a capital of India it has many good and budgetary Hotels in Delhi, which provide very good services to their guests. It has all the best facilities to make your stay comfortable. It reminds us the great Indian culture.

In Delhi, New Delhi Railway Station and Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station are the two most popular and busiest railway stations in Delhi. Passenger from various region do daily up-downs to various locations there are lot of people who prefer to stay at nearby Delhi Hotels near Railway Station.

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Mumbai Hotels and Flights Information

Mumbai, earlier known as Bombay is a city of dreams as every person enters this city with a dream in his heart. People come to this city filled with lot of vigor and excitement; they want to make their dreams true. You can also visit Mumbai on vacation. It will definitely be a memorable experience of lifetime. For each and every tourist or a common visitor this city has many good things and places to explore. However, it is important to plan perfect trip as it can be a total chaos for one who is travelling for the first time to this city.

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Some of the best places to see in Mumbai are the Gateway of India, The Flora Fountain, the Marble Palace, Prince of Wales Museum and many more must see places. Some of them are given below with little information:

Gateway of India
The Gateway of India is situated very close to the waterfront of South Mumbai. This beautiful monument is build with basalt, its a arch like structure that has a height of 26 meters. Normally the first place to visit in Mumbai, is this monument. When any visitors arriving from Arabian sea in boat the first thing seen by them is the Gateway of India and hence the name was given to this monument. Hotels near Gateway Of India Mumbai are available to stay.

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Flora Fountain
Flora Fountain is a beautiful stone fountain that is situated in the Fort Business district in South Mumbai. This was constructed in 1864 and named after one of the Roman Goddess of Flowers. It is also is a good place to visit when you are in Mumbai.

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Juhu beach
Juhu Beach is located in the central suburbs of Mumbai and can be visited from Santa Cruz, Vile Parle and Andheri. People like to visit this beach for a morning walks. Hotels near Juhu Beach Chowpatty Mumbai are available to stay.

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Chowpatty Beach
The Chowpatty Beach is situated at the northern end of Marine Drive in South Mumbai. One can reach this place by boarding trains or buses or hiring taxis or autos from the city. It is another most famous place to enjoy with your family and friends. You can also enjoy the most famous Mumbai's bhel puri, pani puri and pao bhaji here.

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Haji Ali Mosque
The Haji Ali Mosque is situated on an islet near the coast of Worli in Mumbai. This place have very much importance in Muslims religion. It is a very famous place to visit, people of different caste visit this place. Hotels near Haji Ali Mumbai are available to stay.

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To see the above beautiful places you can select good and comfortable hotel in Mumbai. There are many good hotels in Mumbai city. 

You can reach Mumbai by air which is the fastest means of transportation. Mumbai has its own international and domestic airport, which is very well connected to all the important cities of India. Hotels near International Airport Mumbai and Hotels near Domestic Airport Mumbai are also available for comfortable staying.

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Mahabaleshwar Hotels

Mahabaleshwar is an awesome hill station and it is also known as the queen of hill station in India. It comes under the municipal council of Satara district in Maharashtra state. This hill station is situated at the Western Ghats range. It also has one of the evergreen forests of India, it served as the summer capital of Bombay province during the British Raj.


Mahabaleshwar is situated at 17.92°N 73.67° E. It has an average height of 1,353 meters. Situated about 120 km southwest of Pune and 285 km from Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is a biggest plateau measuring 150 km, surrounded by valleys on all sides. It reaches the height of 1,438 meters as it is the highest peak above sea level, known as Wilson/Sunrise Point.

Sunrise Point Mahabaleshwar

Today, Mahabaleshwar is a well-known holiday destination for families and honeymoon couples. It is also an important pilgrimage site for Hindus. Many tourists also visit nearby hill station Panchgani. After the construction of a new highway, it is only a 5 hour drive from Mumbai city. Mahabaleshwar is also famous for the strawberries and honey. You can also visit strawberry farms to experience delighted and real flavor of the this wonderful fruit. The climate of Mahabaleshwar is ideal for the cultivation of Strawberries and Mulberries. One can also get a taste of "Mulberries with Cream" or "Strawberries with Cream". The best season to have these yummy deserts is between Jan -Feb.
Mahabaleshwar also has many good hotels to make your stay comfortable. You can choice from many good hotels in different categories.

 Hotels in Mahabaleshwar
Mahabaleshwar, the most favorite tourist destinations of Western India. It is easily reachable from Pune through roadways. Mahabaleshwar does not have a railway station and there is no airport in Mahabaleshwar. The nearest airport to Mahabaleshwar is Lohegaon Airport, Pune (79 km). One can take a taxi or cab or by bus to reach the destination. Mahabaleshwar Hotels near ST Bus Stand are available.

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Goa Magic

Goa is a rendezvous point of various races, religions and cultures of east and west over the centuries, has a distinctive style from the rest of India. Goa, where mystical east meets modern west.
Culture and tradition of Goa is a rich and blend with eastern and western tradition. The combination of Indian cultural tradition with Portuguese cultural aspects make the culture of Goa so much unique and special. Goa festival and Goa Carnival are two major attraction of Goa cultural Tourism. Goa Holiday Packages are also available.

 Goa Festivals
Goa carnival is one of the most famous celebrations in this beach city which is very much demanded due to its high tone music band, street play of historical themes, song, mask dance, fancy dress competition and much more. This celebration happened in the month of February for 3 days /nights. Goa festivals are also very much in demanded among the tourists. Some of the famous festivals are the Feast of Our Lady of Miracles, the Goanese version of Holli, Shigmo etc.

Goa Carnival
All these above mentioned Goan culture and tradition make this city very much unique and special in its own way. So visit this amazing place to experience and enjoy the feelings of your own. To enjoy these wonderful festivals you can reach there by air, which is the fastest means of transportation.
Some information about flights towards Goa are given below:
  • Cheapest Bangalore Goa Flights (Domestic flight).
  • Cheapest Hyderabad Goa Flights (Domestic flight).
  • Cheapest Ahmedabad Goa Flights (Domestic flight).
  • Cheapest Delhi Goa Flights (Domestic flight).  
Goa has a consistent climate throughout the year with just minor fluctuations in the temperature. December & January might require light woollens, but April and May are warm. The period from June to October brings heavy rain, almost up to 320 cm. The temperature during the summers ranges from 24°C to 32.7°C and during the winters it ranges from 21.3°C to 32.2°C.

 Goa Beach

Goa climate is lovely and relaxed. Beaches are best in Goa in the winter months between October & March. This is also the time Goa is most frequented by tourists. The weather during this period is amazingly pleasant. To stay comfortably you can choice good hotels. Hotels in Goa are available.
Below is a complete list of Hotels in Goa with star rating and budget hotels:
  • 5 Star Hotels in Goa
  • 4 Star Hotels in Goa
  • 3 Star Hotels in Goa
  • 2 Star Hotels in Goa
  • Budget Hotels in Goa
Most people visit Goa because of beaches. It has most beautiful and pleasant beaches in world. Tourist from all over the world come to Goa to spend there holidays. To spend a wonderful and comfortably holiday in Goa. You can select Hotels near beaches, Goa Hotels near Calangute Beach and Goa Hotels in Calangute are available.

 Calangute Beach

Baga beach is another good place to visit in North Goa and located few miles from the popular but crowded Calangute beach. The Beach is known for its Dolphin cruises and water sports. Rows of shacks and fishing boats line through brown sandy beach. Goa Hotels near Baga Beach and Goa Hotels in Baga Beach are available.

Baga Beach

Anjuna Beach of Goa is a hub of international tourists. Anjuna is world famous for its trance parties held on the beach during the tourist season. Anjuna also hosts the famous flea market wherein you can purchase many things, ranging from fruits to jewelry, clothes and electronic devices. Restaurants and the long stretch of coconut groves also offering a nice attraction. Goa Hotels near Anjuna Beach and Goa Hotels in Anjuna Beach  are available.

Anjuna Beach of Goa

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Kochi Hotels Information

Kochi :
A charming, relaxed town nestling between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Kochi  or Cochin is a well-known tourist attraction. Kochi, known as the Queen of Arabian Sea. It is a well-known tourist center in the Southern part of India. Kochi sees a large number of tourists pouring in all the year round. To enjoy this beautiful place Kerala Holiday Packages are available.


Mostly known for its ancient churches, heritage buildings and the huge Chinese Fishing Nets. The entire beach area of Cochin is full of the Chinese Fishing Nets, which are truly engineering wonders. To see Chinese Fishing Nets you can stay in, Kochi Hotels near Chinese Fishing Nets, Fort Kochi. Cochin has most of its heritage hotels and other luxury hotels around this area. Cochin is also a noted spice trade centre and thus has a number of business hotels too, to cater to the needs of the business travellers.

 Kochi Church

Cochin also houses the famous for its several churches that have stained glass paintings. Some noted churches there are Francis Church and Santa Cruz Basilica. The Jewish Synagogue,  Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary and the Mattancherry Palace are other place in Cochin worth visiting. The Willingdon Island in Cochin houses some important offices as well as some hotels. Kochi Hotels near Willingdon Island are available. To see the above mention places you can stay near them,  Kochi Hotels near St. Francis Church and Kochi Hotels near Jewish Synagogue and Jew Town, Mattancherry are available.

 Mattancherry Palace

A good number of hotels in Cochin have come up to meet the needs of these huge numbers of tourists. Almost every Hotels in Kochi is located conveniently to provide an easy access to most tourist attractions. Depending on your requirement & budget you can choose from among the Kochi hotels. One can chose from luxury hotels to budget hotels and from beach front hotels to budget hotels. Some Heritage Hotels in Cochin have been changed from ancient heritage homes to hotels. There are some lovely resorts in Cochin too. Make sure you book a hotel in Cochin well in advance.

Kochi is also very proud of its world class port and international airport that links it to many major cities worldwide.

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Beach Hotels In Goa

Goa is world famous for its beaches. There are almost 5+ beaches which are really good. Like the Anjuna beach, Calangute beach, Candolim beach, Baga beach etc.

People like to spend most of their time near beach. So keeping this need in mind hotel industries of Goa and even the local eat-outs have their best on the beaches

Hotels near Calangute beach
Calangute beach  is one of the most popular beach in goa. This beach is famous for its Christmas parties and beach parties. It is very crowded throughout the year. Some of the good hotels near Calangute beach are

Hotel Alor Holiday resort

Hotel Calangute towers

The Calangute grand

For more information on hotels in Goa near Calangute beach click on the link

Hotels near Anjuna beach:

Anjuna beach is second beach from north of Goa. This beach is famous for its beach parties and full moon parties. Wednesday night parties are famous here. There are many hotels near Anjuna beach like

Nirvana Hermitage,

Leoney Resort

Laguna Anjuna

Annaparna Vishram Dham

The Banyan Soul

For more information hotels in Goa near Anjuna beach click on the link.

Hotels near Candolim beach:

Candolim beach is an extension of Arpora beach. Candolim is known to be the birth place of famous freedom fighter Abbe Faria. Candolim beach is not much crowed. Some of the hotels near Candolim beach are

Vitanta by Taj- fort Aguada

Lemon Tree Amarante beach resort


The Sol

For more information on Hotels in Goa near Candolim beach click on the link

Hotels near Colva beach:

Colva beach is not actually most visited. It is a quiet beach and you can enjoy yourself there. Hotel near colva beach are

Baywatch resort

Soul vacation resort and spa

Beleza By the beach

Hotel Colva Kinar