Friday, 8 March 2013

Ameerpet, Favorite Area of Students in Hyderabad

Ameerpet is the very popular area in Hyderabad which is situated in the northwest region of Hyderabad. This area is very busy commercial area. It is one of the most famous area in Hyderabad. As it has number of software institutes , most of the people especially students prefer this area to say.Up-to 90's this area consists of many unused plots and roadside restaurants serving only the traffic along national highway to Bombay, but with the ongoing construction in this and surrounding areas, various commercial activities shifted from the center of city to ameerpet with the expansion of northern outlets of Hyderabad.

Now, The ameerpet, get completely changed with a huge crowd, which frequently prone to traffic jams during rush hour. This all happens just due to the improved popularity of Ameerpet, and its location on a National Highway9 which connects it to Green Land and Begumpet. Ameerpet lies in between Punjagutta and Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar.

Facilities in Ameerpet :-

  • All kind of Commercial Businesses 
  • Number of Educational Hubs (PAGE, TIME) 
  • Number of Textile and Retail Stores (Big Bazar, RS Brothers, Chermas)
Apart from this there are many areas in Ameerpet like. 
  • HUDA Maitrivana 
  • Aditya Enclave 
  • Satyam Cinema Theatre 
  • Ameerpet Gurudwara 
  • Elephant House 

Because of all these attractions in Ameerpet, there is huge crowd of travelrs, students and businessmen in this area. To enjoy these places and explore more , you need to stay in Best hotels in Ameerpet. There are number of Hotels in Ameerpet of all the range which will provide good service. 

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