Saturday, 2 March 2013

Why to Visit Nagpur?

Nagpur is the very famous city in India, which is located on Deccan plateau. It is the third most largest city of Maharashtra, after Mumbai and Pune. It is also the second(vice) capital of Maharashtra. It is the headquarter of Vidarbha region. The famous city of Nagpur is one of the rapidly growing city in India.

Points of Attraction

Nagpur is home to several important tourist attractions like Pench national park, Temple of Sri Poddareshwar Ram, Futala Lake , Deeksha Bhoomi. Historically Nagpur has been renowned for its hospitality & has over the years embraced thousands of tourists with its versatile lakes, picturesque gardens, lush green forests and luxurious amenities for travelers.

  • Deeksha Bhoomi  
  • Futala Lake
  •   Maharaj Bagh 
  • Ambazri Garden 
  • Ramtek
  •  Khindsi

Apart from this there are so many historical places, and landmarks which grabs the tourist attractions. Nagpur also serves as the tiger capital of India. There are number of restaurants and hotels in Nagpur which provide good facility with a great ambiance. The city of Nagpur can be easily approached, because of the easily available transportation. There are many luxury, budget hotels are available in Nagpur and that also in reasonable rate.

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