Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bandra, Queen of the Suburbs

Bandra is a suburb in North West Mumbai which is a highly coveted location for restaurants, pubs, bars and high street stores. Bandra is popularly known as Queen of Suburbs which is also famous for coastline along Cater Road, Bandstand. Many famous personalities and Bollywood stars live in this area. Bandra is split by railway line into Bandra East and Bandra West.
Bandra is a major suburb which is famous for its culture and because of its development. The population of this area and culture is quite cosmopolitan now but many years this region is consisted of mainly Christians. Bandra is having many tourists’ destinations among which some are very popular in the country and many tourists visit this region while visiting Mumbai. Bandra is home to many churches including Mount Mary’s Basilica. Bandra Railway station is one of the important stations in Mumbai.

Tourists Destinations in Bandra

·         Joggers’s Park
·         Mount Mary’s Basilica
·         Castella De Aguada
·         Bandstand Promenade
·         Carter Road Promenade
Bandra is having residents of many actors and famous personalities. Shahrukh Khan’s house Mannat is very famous and remarkable in the city because of its architecture and Sachin Tendulkar’s Shell house is one of the landmarks of the city because it is one of the remarkable architectural instances. Many tourists visit this region of Mumbai as there are many things to do and to watch.

Bandra is well connected to the rest parts of the city. Bandra Railway station is one of the important and busiest suburban station and public buses are also available that connects the city with the various parts of Mumbai and you can also hire taxis and auto rikshaws for travelling within the city.

For accommodation, Bandra is one of the best places to stay in Mumbai as there are many hotels and lodges that are famous in the city are located. Bandra region is considered as the prestigious and one of the affluent parts of Mumbai where numbers of luxuries hotels are located. Bandra region is famous for providing excellent accommodation and catering facility to their customers and you can find every range of hotels in this region from budget to five stars. For more information about hotels in Bandra east youb can click here and for details about hotels in Bandra west Click Here


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