Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Thane, the biggest Claim to fame

Thane is a city in Northern Maharashtra which is the headquarter of Thane District and it is the biggest claim to fame because the first railway line laid in India was from Boribandar to Thane station. This city is popularly known as the Elder Sister of Mumbai as this district was divided and Mumbai is totally depend for water supply from Lakes.
This city is famous for lakes as 30 lakes are situated in and around the city because of which the city is popularly known as Lake City. Thane is one of the favorite tourist’s destinations as there are number of tourist’s attractions and the areas surrounding the city are beautiful and there are scenic locals, old forts and resorts makes Thane a great Gateway from Mumbai.

Tourists Attractions in Thane

·         Masunda Lake – This Lake is popularly known as Talao Pali, is one of the oldest and biggest lakes of Thane city. This beautiful lake is the favorite place for locals and tourists and also famous for food lovers.
·         Kopineshwar Mandir – This temple is one of the most revered patron temples in Thane City. The temple is located on the narrow but busy Bazaar Peth station road. The entire temple is quiet and peaceful.

·         Thane Creek – This creek can be divided onto two parts that isolates Mumbai from main land of India. This region is recognized as an important bird area as it is home to flamingoes and several other migratory and wading birds.
·         Vardhaman Fantasy – The World of Vardhman Fantasy  is the most popular Theme park near Thane district that is one of the best amusement and entertainment industry. This park is visited by thousands of tourists every month.
·         Upavan Lake - Upavan Lake is located in Thane district fully surrounded by roads. This lake is one of the biggest lakes in Thane. This is one of the favorite tourists spot in Thane city. Many people come to visit this lake every day.

Transportation to Thane

This district was the terminus for first ever passenger train in India. This city is well connected to the nearby suburbs by train and public buses. There are many buses available which connects this city with the various parts of the city. Taxis and auto rikshwas are also available for travelling within the city and many private buses are also available for transportation to the major cities in India.

Accommodation in Thane

Thane is one of the important parts of the city because of which this city is visited by thousands of tourists every day. For accommodation there are number of hotels and lodges are available in the city provides excellent facility to their customers. Hotels range from budget to five star and 24 hours service provided by the hotels. For more information about hotels in Thane east click here. and about hotles in Thane west click here.

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