Thursday, 16 August 2012

Goa Magic

Goa is a rendezvous point of various races, religions and cultures of east and west over the centuries, has a distinctive style from the rest of India. Goa, where mystical east meets modern west.
Culture and tradition of Goa is a rich and blend with eastern and western tradition. The combination of Indian cultural tradition with Portuguese cultural aspects make the culture of Goa so much unique and special. Goa festival and Goa Carnival are two major attraction of Goa cultural Tourism. Goa Holiday Packages are also available.

 Goa Festivals
Goa carnival is one of the most famous celebrations in this beach city which is very much demanded due to its high tone music band, street play of historical themes, song, mask dance, fancy dress competition and much more. This celebration happened in the month of February for 3 days /nights. Goa festivals are also very much in demanded among the tourists. Some of the famous festivals are the Feast of Our Lady of Miracles, the Goanese version of Holli, Shigmo etc.

Goa Carnival
All these above mentioned Goan culture and tradition make this city very much unique and special in its own way. So visit this amazing place to experience and enjoy the feelings of your own. To enjoy these wonderful festivals you can reach there by air, which is the fastest means of transportation.
Some information about flights towards Goa are given below:
  • Cheapest Bangalore Goa Flights (Domestic flight).
  • Cheapest Hyderabad Goa Flights (Domestic flight).
  • Cheapest Ahmedabad Goa Flights (Domestic flight).
  • Cheapest Delhi Goa Flights (Domestic flight).  
Goa has a consistent climate throughout the year with just minor fluctuations in the temperature. December & January might require light woollens, but April and May are warm. The period from June to October brings heavy rain, almost up to 320 cm. The temperature during the summers ranges from 24°C to 32.7°C and during the winters it ranges from 21.3°C to 32.2°C.

 Goa Beach

Goa climate is lovely and relaxed. Beaches are best in Goa in the winter months between October & March. This is also the time Goa is most frequented by tourists. The weather during this period is amazingly pleasant. To stay comfortably you can choice good hotels. Hotels in Goa are available.
Below is a complete list of Hotels in Goa with star rating and budget hotels:
  • 5 Star Hotels in Goa
  • 4 Star Hotels in Goa
  • 3 Star Hotels in Goa
  • 2 Star Hotels in Goa
  • Budget Hotels in Goa
Most people visit Goa because of beaches. It has most beautiful and pleasant beaches in world. Tourist from all over the world come to Goa to spend there holidays. To spend a wonderful and comfortably holiday in Goa. You can select Hotels near beaches, Goa Hotels near Calangute Beach and Goa Hotels in Calangute are available.

 Calangute Beach

Baga beach is another good place to visit in North Goa and located few miles from the popular but crowded Calangute beach. The Beach is known for its Dolphin cruises and water sports. Rows of shacks and fishing boats line through brown sandy beach. Goa Hotels near Baga Beach and Goa Hotels in Baga Beach are available.

Baga Beach

Anjuna Beach of Goa is a hub of international tourists. Anjuna is world famous for its trance parties held on the beach during the tourist season. Anjuna also hosts the famous flea market wherein you can purchase many things, ranging from fruits to jewelry, clothes and electronic devices. Restaurants and the long stretch of coconut groves also offering a nice attraction. Goa Hotels near Anjuna Beach and Goa Hotels in Anjuna Beach  are available.

Anjuna Beach of Goa


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