Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Mumbai Rails

Mumbai Rails are one of the busiest and worlds famous Rail system in the world. In Mumbai there are 3 famous railway station which contains Chhatrapati-Shivaji Railway Station, Dadar Central Railway Station and Mumbai Central Railway Station.

1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Station is a headquarters of the Central Railways in Mumbai, India. It is formely famous as VT station is described as Victoria Terminus. 
The station building was designed in the Victorian Gothic style of architecture. The building exhibits a fusion of influences from Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival architecture and traditional Indian architecture. Internally, the wood carving, tiles, ornamental iron and brass railings, grills for the ticket offices, the balustrades for the Bombay School of Art. It's known as a historic place as well as a point of attraction for the travelers so there are many beautiful spots, multinational companies and specially the Mumbai Hotels near CST.

2.  Mumbai Central Railway Station is a major intercity railway station in Mumbai it is also known as Bombay Central. Mumbai Suburban Railway station is of Western Line on the Mumbai Central Railway Station.This station is actually located in the South region of the Mumbai.There are various Schools and famous Educational Institutions in Mumbai. This Railway station situated on the Southern region of the Mumbai. It also consists of top business location and many government offices in Mumbai. So, the travelers those work their and do daily up-down from their own place for those peaple their is a facility of various restaurants as well as the Hotels near Mumbai Central Railway Station in Mumbai.

3. Dadar Central Railway Station Dadar is situated in the heart of Mumbai, and Dadar station is common to both the Central and Western lines. This makes the station a transit point for thousands of passengers using the Mumbai Suburban Railway.This makes the station a transit point for thousands of passengers using the Mumbai Suburban Railway and one of the most crowded railway stations on the network. As we know this is among the crowded railway station in Mumbai then for handling this big crowd their are many lodges and Mumbai hotels near Dadar Railway Station.

In Mumbai there are total 276 hotels in Mumbai some of the best hotels are situated near Mumbai Railway Station. For more detailed information of Various category of Hotels in Mumbai check out the information given below :
1. 5 star hotels in Mumbai.
2. 4 star hotels in Mumbai.
3. 3 star hotels in Mumbai.
4. 2 star hotels in Mumbai.
5. Budget hotels in Mumbai.   


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