Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kochi Hotels Information

Kochi :
A charming, relaxed town nestling between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Kochi  or Cochin is a well-known tourist attraction. Kochi, known as the Queen of Arabian Sea. It is a well-known tourist center in the Southern part of India. Kochi sees a large number of tourists pouring in all the year round. To enjoy this beautiful place Kerala Holiday Packages are available.


Mostly known for its ancient churches, heritage buildings and the huge Chinese Fishing Nets. The entire beach area of Cochin is full of the Chinese Fishing Nets, which are truly engineering wonders. To see Chinese Fishing Nets you can stay in, Kochi Hotels near Chinese Fishing Nets, Fort Kochi. Cochin has most of its heritage hotels and other luxury hotels around this area. Cochin is also a noted spice trade centre and thus has a number of business hotels too, to cater to the needs of the business travellers.

 Kochi Church

Cochin also houses the famous for its several churches that have stained glass paintings. Some noted churches there are Francis Church and Santa Cruz Basilica. The Jewish Synagogue,  Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary and the Mattancherry Palace are other place in Cochin worth visiting. The Willingdon Island in Cochin houses some important offices as well as some hotels. Kochi Hotels near Willingdon Island are available. To see the above mention places you can stay near them,  Kochi Hotels near St. Francis Church and Kochi Hotels near Jewish Synagogue and Jew Town, Mattancherry are available.

 Mattancherry Palace

A good number of hotels in Cochin have come up to meet the needs of these huge numbers of tourists. Almost every Hotels in Kochi is located conveniently to provide an easy access to most tourist attractions. Depending on your requirement & budget you can choose from among the Kochi hotels. One can chose from luxury hotels to budget hotels and from beach front hotels to budget hotels. Some Heritage Hotels in Cochin have been changed from ancient heritage homes to hotels. There are some lovely resorts in Cochin too. Make sure you book a hotel in Cochin well in advance.

Kochi is also very proud of its world class port and international airport that links it to many major cities worldwide.


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