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Delhi Airport and Hotels Information

Delhi is the capital city of India. You can say that it is the most well established city with all the idle facilities to which is required to become the capital of the country. It also has a rich and glorious history. Delhi is believed to the site of Indraprastha, the beautiful capital of Pandavas during the times of Mahabharata as per Indian mythology. 

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Places to see in Delhi:
Qutub Minar
One of the most famous and beautiful historical monuments of India is Qutub Minar. It also comes in the list of seven wonder of the world. It is the most popular tourist attraction and widely associated with Delhi city. A visit to Delhi is incomplete without a visit to Qutub Minar.

Red Fort 
It is also one of the best places to visit in Delhi. It used to serve as the residence of Mughal emperors. It was build in the year 1648 by Mughal emperors Shah Jahan. Red Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts people from all over the world. Republic day and Independence day are celebrated in Red Fort every year.  

Jama Masjid 
Jama Masjid is the best examples of Mughal architecture. It is the most creative and the largest mosque of India. Its grandness can be understood from the fact that 25,000 people can pray together at this sacred place of Muslims.

India Gate
It is another famous landmark that was built in the year 1931. It was earlier known as the All India War Memorial and built to commemorate the life of 90,000 Indian soldiers that laid down their life during world war I in the British rule. It is situated in Rajpath in Delhi

To see the above beautiful places above you can reach there by air which is the fastest means of transportation to Delhi city. Delhi has it own International and Domestic airport which are connected to all the major cities of India and all around the world. Delhi Hotels near International Airport and Delhi Hotels near Domestic Airport are also available.
Some information about domestic flights from different cities towards Delhi are given below:
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  • Cheapest Bangalore Delhi Flights (Domestic flight).
  • Cheapest Mumbai Delhi Flights (Domestic flight).
  • Cheapest Nagpur Delhi Flights (Domestic flight). 
As a capital of India it has many good and budgetary Hotels in Delhi, which provide very good services to their guests. It has all the best facilities to make your stay comfortable. It reminds us the great Indian culture.

In Delhi, New Delhi Railway Station and Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station are the two most popular and busiest railway stations in Delhi. Passenger from various region do daily up-downs to various locations there are lot of people who prefer to stay at nearby Delhi Hotels near Railway Station.


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