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Pune Hotels

Pune is also known to be the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra. It represents the Marathi culture, which lays emphasis on which education, arts and crafts, music, theatre, etc. Pune culture reflects a blend of traditions with modernity. On one side, you have classical shows being performed in the city, on the other, the city boasts of an amazing nightlife in the same city.

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The local cuisines of Pune retain the typical taste of coconut and garlic. At the same time, a large amount of green chilies are used, making the dishes quite spicy. The main course in the traditional food of Poona comprises of a number of food items made up of jowar and bajra.
Common Languages
The most common language of Pune, spoken by majority of the population, is Marathi. Infact, Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra state. Apart from Marathi, Hindi is also one of the languages used commonly in Pune and is used widely throughout the city.
The city of Pune has acquired a cosmopolitan identity. People belonging to different castes, religions, creeds and economic backgrounds can be found here. With the setting up of professional institutions and software companies in Pune, the city has assumed a multi-ethnic personality.
A number of religions are followed in the city of Pune. As more and more people are shifting to Pune, either to study or to work, the religious identity of the city is undergoing a major change. People belonging to different religious backgrounds are living in the city, making it an assortment of sorts.

Best places to visit around Pune:

Perhaps the most famous place around Pune! Lonavala is around 80 kms from Pune and is worth a visit. The curvy ride to the top of the hill is beautiful and the fun of having tea and bhajiya at the lion’s point in extreme mist is pure bliss. Bhushi dam is another attraction, you gotta walk bare feet in the water for some time before reaching the fall. If you go to Lonavala be sure to have some amazing chikkis. Khandala is close by, so you might want to cover that also.

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Just 62 kms from Pune is India’s first planned hill station Lavasa – A must place to visit around Pune. Lavasa is known for the awesome weather and scenic beauty. Lavasa city is surrounded by 7 hills is bound to be beautiful. There are lot of activities to be done around Lavasa – Bowling, water sports are the ones which are most common . What truly makes Lavasa a must place to visit, is the beautiful 40 kms ride after you leave pune city behind.  The best time to visit Lavasa is during Monsoons!

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To experience the above beautiful sites you can reach Pune which is the nearest city by flight. Pune city has its own airport to welcome the tourist who visit the city. Pune airport is well connected to all the main cities of India.

Pune is also a best tourist destination of the state. The city has historical monuments, museums and more famous are its hill stations. Tourists from all over the world visit the city to share rare moments filled with curiosity and anxiety. To enjoy the city you can select good accommodation to stay from many Hotels in Pune are available.



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